Language cafe
Mickey House

A language cafe where people from all over the world gather!

Language Cafe Mickey House is in TokyoOver 30 years in TakadanobabaIt is a long-established English conversation cafe with a long history! Foreigners toocustomerIt gathers as a group and is filled with about 40 to 50 people on weekends. Currently, we also handle French, Spanish, German, Italian / Russian / Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Hindi, and there is a place where people can gather constantly every week to talk with native speakers of each language. Perhaps it's just Mickey House in Tokyo.Enjoying, not just as a studyThis unique atmosphere can only be created by focusing on. Would you like to experience it too?

What is a language cafe? How is it different from other English conversation cafes?

The number of English conversation cafes, which was still scarce at the time of its founding, has gradually increased in recent years. Unlike English conversation schools, English conversation cafes do not offer one-on-one lessons or group lessons.A place for free talk in English with people gathered on the spotis. It is called "English conversation cafe" or "English conversation cafe" because you can easily speak English while drinking coffee. However, most English conversation cafes take the form of group lessons in which each table is divided into levels and Japanese customers surround one foreign staff as a chat host.Language Cafe Mickey HouseCompared to other English conversation cafes like thatHeterogeneous beingis. Rather than studying englishA place to use English as a communication toolthat's why,Many foreign customers also gather.I'm not a staff member so I can be friends. The regular customers love this historic Mickey House and are very friendly. Not only in daily conversation, but also in deep discussions and jokes, laughter never ceases. This is likeAtmosphere like an overseas barDon't you think Mickey HouseYou can feel like you've jumped into a bar overseas while you're in JapanIt's one of the few precious places in Japan. Would you like to dive into this mysterious place?

We are also focusing on languages other than English!As a result of increasing the number of languages such as French, German, Spanish, and Italian according to the customer's request, we now handle 10 languages. You can attend any language table during the same business hours, so if you get tired of trying French first, you can say English.

Things related to overseas travel and living abroad
Mickey House is a shop where people from various countries such as English-speaking countries, Europe, and Asia gather. It is possible to get information directly from people in that country, such as the area you want to go to and points to note, which are not included in the guidebook.

Working holiday and study abroad
I think it is important to collect information and get used to foreigners in order to succeed in working holiday and study abroad. Many people who have experience of working holiday and study abroad also participate in Mickey House, and it is possible to obtain experiences and useful information. Let's increase knowledge and become a truly international person through conversations with various people ♪

Fee system

business hours

Mon-Fri: (noon) 13:00 to 17:00, (night) 18:00 to 22:00
Sat: (noon) 13:00 to 18:00, (night) 18:00 to 22:00
Sun: (noon) 13:00 to 18:00

* Open for lunch only on Sundays.
* Please check the schedule for each language.
FridayInternational exchange partyIs dormant

Entrance Fee

General: 2000 yen
Student: 1600 yen

No time limit
All-you-can-drink coffee and tea
The language table can be moved!

* There are also discount coupons and monthly passes! For more informationHere!

Paid menu

Draft beer: ¥ 500 ~
Bottled beer (Japan, Belgium, etc.): ¥ 550 ~
Wine: ¥ 500
Cocktail: ¥ 500 ~
Various whiskeys: ¥ 500 ~
Soft drinks: ¥ 350 ~
Snacks: ¥ 200

* Since the request for shortened business hours has been canceled, from 10/25Closed at 22:00It will be.

Admission to the language cafe Mickey House is very simple! When entering the storeA system that allows you to stay in any language for hours, just by paying the admission feeis. No reservation or membership registration required!All-you-can-drink coffee and tea (hot only)So if you don't order another drink, it won't cost you any more. Enjoy a slow conversation without worrying about time! Alcohol, soft drinks, etc. are also charged separately. Many people drink on the weekends after work ♪ * Foreign nationals who can speak the same language as native speakers can enter for 500 yen. (All-you-can-drink coffee and tea, no time limit, but no beginner's table.)

Conversation tables (Night time)

* Open at night from 18:00 to 22:00 Monday:EnglishPortuguese Tue:EnglishSpanishItalianRussian Wed:EnglishFrench Thu:English Fri:EnglishFrenchGerman Sat:EnglishSpanishThaiIndonesian

Conversation tables (Day time)

Mon~Fri (1~5pm):English Thu (1~5pm):French(Intermediate) Sat (13:00 to 18:00):EnglishChinese(14: 00-) Sun (13: 00-18: 00):EnglishFrench(14:00~)·Korean(14:00~)
*Click the language name to jump to the details page.

Beginner's table (Night time)

* Open at night from 18:00 to 22:00 Monday:EnglishGerman Tue:English Wed:EnglishFrench Thu:English Fri:English Sat:Spanish

Beginner's table (Day time)

Mon~Fri (1~5pm):English Sat (13:00 to 18:00):EnglishChinese (15:00 to 18:00) Sun (13:00 to 18:00):EnglishFrench(14:00~)
*Click the language name to jump to the details page.

Schedule by language

* Weekday noon: 13:00 to 17:00 & night: 18:00 to 22:00, Saturday noon: 13:00 to 18:00 & night: 18:00 to 22:00, Sunday noon: 13: 00-18: 00 (no night) English(Conversation / Beginner):Weekdays 13 to 17,18 to 22:00, Saturdays 13 to 18,18 to 22:00, Sundays from 13:00 to 18:00 French conversation:Wednesday and Friday from 18:00 to 22:00Intermediate:Thursdays from 14:00 to 18:00Beginner:Wed 18: 00-22: 00 and Sunday 14: 00-18: 00 Spanish conversation:From 18:00 to 22:00 on Tuesday and Saturday,Beginner:Sat 18: 00-22: 00 German conversation:Fri 18-22: 00,Beginner:From 18:00 to 22:00 a month (Sunday will be gone) KoreanSunday 14: 00-18: 00 Russian conversation:Tue 18: 00-22: 00 Chinese conversation:Sat 14: 00-18: 00,Beginner:Sat 1~4pm ItalianTue 18: 00-22: 00 Portuguese18:00 to 22:00 a month ThaiSaturday from 18:00 to 22:00 IndonesianSaturday from 18:00 to 22:00
*Click the language name to jump to the details page.

Language Cafe Mickey House Access / Map

"English Conversation Cafe Mickey House", which operates a community of various languages, is located along Waseda-dori, but the entrance is a little difficult to understand because it is on the 4th floor. There is a yellow sign at the top of the building, and it says English conversation cafe in red letters.

・JR Yamanote Line/Seibu Shinjuku Line
4 minutes walk from Waseda Exit of Takadanobaba Station
・Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
30 seconds walk from Exit 6 of Takadanobaba Station

2-14-4 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Yashiro Building 4F
Phone 03-3209-9686
Business hours Mon-Sat 18: 00-22: 00
Saturday and Sunday 13: 00-18: 00