Staff voice!

Nice to meet you. This is Wakana, a staff member on Thursday ^^

At first from self introduction☆

I'm a 4th year college student attending a female university in Tokyo, and I'm planning to work for a travel agency from spring. When I was in my third year of college, I had 8 months of study abroad experience in New Zealand, and the encounter with Mickey House was a month before my study abroad.

I passed the IELTS (English proficiency test) standards of the school I was going to, and although I was relieved, I was worried about my important speaking ability, and I was visiting various English Cafes and English circles. However, when I couldn't find a place that fits me well, my friend brought me to Mickey House.

The amount of money that can be paid at one time is also cheap, and there are many foreign guests who come to enjoy sightseeing, in addition to all-you-can-drink hot coffee and hot tea. Everyone was friendly and kind, and there were many regulars, so I didn't have to introduce myself each time, and I was able to talk about various topics. Moreover, the number of foreigners often exceeded that of Japanese people, making it an ideal place for output.

I was studying tourism at a New Zealand school, but I chose a place where there are few Japanese. I also tried to go out with foreigners as much as possible outside of school. So, inevitably, all but one friend was a foreigner. The most important thing to keep in mind during studying abroad is to say "I don't understand" when I don't understand. I think that I was able to spend a really fulfilling study abroad period by speaking and trying hard at Mickey House.

After returning to Japan, I went to Mickey House again and now I am in charge of Thursday as one of the staff. On Thursdays, we offer German and Russian, as well as beginner English and conversation. Recently, many languages have just begun to challenge, and demand for beginners is high, so the table is divided into levels each time.

If you're still not confident... please come!

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