Business resumption 1st week

31st, May, 2020

Finally business has resumed! However, since we can not send out infected people, we take measures to prevent contact and splash infection by hand washing, wearing masks & vinyl shields, and fully opening windows and doors to prevent aerosol infections.
Alcohol sprays (pastorises that are effective against viruses), which have been soaring for prices, are used every two days, and the bacteria are eradicated everywhere.
All foreigners are only in Japan before the state of emergency was declared (in other words, almost no foreigners can enter the country from the end of March), so there is no need to worry about bringing in a virus from abroad.
Currently, the number of customers is about one-third of normal times, so I feel that it is not "dense" yet. If the number of people increases in the future, some of the applicants are thinking of taking measures such as taking a walk with the staff and talking outdoors.

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