About topic making! what should I do···?

Is it actually a pitfall depending on how you introduce yourself? ? !

Actually, it's not limited to English.

Imagine that. Have you ever been in this kind of situation, including me and you?

Yourself:! Hello (Hello)

Men:! Oh, hello (Oh, hello)

Me: I'm Alexander. Nice to meet you! (I'm Alexander. Thank you.)

Opponent: Nice to meet you, my name's Mark! (Thank you. My name is Mark.)

Me: So…how…how are you today?

Opponent: Good, good…you?


To be clear. .. ..






Did you get the feeling that you can't talk for a long time? In some cases, it's over! It is really useless to waste it even though it is a great encounter.

However, in reality, there are many people who feel that way every day. You may be one of them.

Everyone speaks English and wonders what to say along the way!


When you can't talk, the question is the key.

The conversation with people with high so-called questioning ability makes the conversation much more enjoyable. Above all, the questions are ready, so you should have some questions in advance!

Then, suddenly, you'll be asked "When did you break up with your boyfriend?", so you could go in a strange direction or move away! So let's get some useful questions for conversation~


What's your first voice question? (Beginner)

First let's introduce yourself! Let's tell each other other than what is called "name" and "how are you?"

*It is not possible to ask about age! Suddenly you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? It's the same as asking! Be careful only there.

Where are you from?(Where are you from?)

Where did you grow up?(Where did you grow up?)

Where do you live now?(Where do you live now?)

What do you do for a living?(What kind of work do you do?)

Ask about your interests and favorites!

After the first self-introduction and a brief question, let's move on to finding common ground with the other person.

Let's know what the other person is interested in~

What are you interested in?
(What are you interested in?)

What do you like doing? (What do you like to do?)
*What is your hobby?Is correct English, but I think it's a word that native people don't use often. Some people feel like they are attending a matchmaking, "What is your hobby?" (Lol)

What do you usually do after work?(What do you do after work?)

How do you spend your free time / weekends? (How do you spend your free time and weekends?)

Ask about your food and cooking preferences! (Intermediate)

I really like Ryoma Sakamoto, and I actually watched the 2010 drama "Ryomaden" many times, but Ryoma Sakamoto is actually said to have refined his talking skills at the dining and cooking venues. I am.

I feel that it's easy to get along with people when I'm surrounded by food.

The same is true in English. So let's ask about the other person's likes and dislikes of food!

What sort of food do you like?(What kind of food do you like?)

Do you like Japanese food?(Do you like Japanese food?)

Do you have any allergy? (Do you have any allergies?)

Can you recommend any restaurant in Tokyo?(Is there any recommended restaurant in Tokyo?)


Let's hear the opinion of the other party

Generally, it makes me happy to hear my opinion. If you have been raised and living in Japan for a long time, there may be some people who do not come up with a sense.

That's right! Actually, my existence was recognized! I feel

Where do you think I should visit in Tokyo?(Where do you think you should go sightseeing in Tokyo?)

What do you think about this?(What do you think of this?)

Do you agree to this?(Do you have the same opinion?)

What do you want to do after we finished eating?(What do you want to do after eating?)

Don't forget about the latest news and events! !


Continue listening to the previous Opinions section for news, events, and current affairs by people.

In particular, let's ask about the circumstances of your country of origin and how you feel about Japan.

Have you ever heard about ABC?(Have you heard about ABC?)

Do you watch the news regularly?(Are you watching the news regularly?)

How is ABC like in your country? (How is ABC like in your country?)

What do you think of ABC in Japan?

What is the final mystery? !

If you can't come up with a question,

Another option is to ask the other person a question, "Are you?"

What did you think?



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