Interview time! Being a foreigner in Japan.

Here at Mickey House Cafe, people from all over the world and all walks of life come together all around the year.Each and every one of our clients and visitors share their unique experience and always color up the atmosphere in the cafe. that special “je ne sais quoi” about Mickey House.

Here is an interview we did with Jacinta, a Mickey House visitor. She shared with us her experience staying in Japan and her how she feels as she is getting near the end of her stay in Tokyo.

(Below: Jacinta (J) – interviewee, Pierrick (P) – interviewer)

P: So today I'm with Jacinta, hello!

J: Hello!

P: Jacinta who comes from Australia ;so tell me, since how long have you been coming at the cafe?

J :I have been going to Mickey House cafe for one month now.

P: One month?

J: Yeah, one month.

P: Then can you tell us how you did find the cafe before coming to Japan?

J: Eventually it was a friend of mine Jessica, she's another Australian, she came a couple of months ago with her friends and recommended it to me, saying that it has… a really good vibe to it, and a good place to get friendly with foreigners and the locals to get together and… to just hang out and chat.And that picked my interest, especially since I have difficulties to get close to the locals and I thought it twas a great way to set my foot into it.

P :And after everything, what do you think about the cafe?

J: It was beyond what I expected honestly...

P: Oh yeah?

J: Yeah.I was thinking about coming quite blind and didn't do much of researches before coming to Japan, I just took for account my friend's words and, after being here for a month, everyone and everything going on here is consistently being Friendly, being a lot of fun and it has been very unique.Everyone I've met were happy when they left, and I think this is something very important as consistency, not just one person having a eat time, basically everyone having a great time is important as well.

P: So you met some good people here ?Made some friends along the way?

J: Yeah, whether staff members or customers, really kind people and… Go above to make you feel like part of a family…

P :A family, really?

J: Yeah!

P: So… then, in the first place, may I ask you why did you came to Japan?

J :I always had an interest for japanese culture and, I've already been to Japan four times already and I've always felt really safe in that country… I love all the food, the customs, the sightseeings and… the main thing that has always attracted me here is the kind of opportunities that you can only have here, by that I mean types of cafe, restaurants, activities, themed parks and everything like that, I feel like it is something you won't see anywhere else . And that's why I keep coming back here.

P :I can see that.Also I know that you are an author so, maybe you find some good inspiration here?

J: Oh I have spent too much time doing anything else and enjoying myself rather than sitting down thinking about other realities... That being said I admit that I will take away all the experiences that I had here, and… maybe be able to use it in my future works yeah.Maybe something set in a japanese theme or japanese people but I don't really know yet.  

P: Okay. So, during this trip, did you saw interesting things ?What did you visit?

J :Oh yeah, I always try to do something different every time I come here, and especially during that trip I mean, I went a month prior and with my friend Jessica We traveled around Japan, going to amusement parks, climbing mountains in the snow and then I… Also went to Osaka and Kyoto which was… I mean I've done this before so there isn't anything new but, with my friend we went to this virtual reality thing and…

P: Oh you went there?

J: Yeah !It was an activity in Shinjuku, it was surprisingly fun, something I think I've never seen before and I've been loving it. I recommend it to anybody coming here… Then in island near the Mount Fuji, that was fantastic!

P: Well then, maybe we will go there!

J: Yeah, do so!

P :I also know that you will not be leaving Japan just now, you will be receiving your family and friends, so are you planning to visit something in particular or will you just go around…?

J :BAsically, everything I've been doing so far I'm redoing it, most of the people – I've got a couple of friends and my mother with a friend of her – so they've never really been in Japan before , and my boyfriend is coming too, he has been coming with me already and we have done all the tourist stuff...So they are leaving everything up to me, whatever I found really interesting during this trip I will be doing all over again with them So that is exactly what is going to happen.We will be doing all the Mario Kart thing, the robot cafe, the cat cafe, the snake cafe, the owl cafe, the fishing restaurant… The maid cafe, staying at a capsule hotel… doing everything and everything, going to Mount Fuji...

P: Okay...

J :And I will be having done it three times already!

P: At least you liked it!

J: Yeah, I got to really like it!

P: Then maybe a last question, do you have some advices for english speaking people who would like to come to Japan?

J: Some advises...Basically before to come here you have to understand all the customs and rules here... Just some social minor behaviors like do not talk on your phone in the train, take off your shoes when you are entering someone's house, little things that you may already know of… That will really be helpful to understand things when you come… otherwise it is very foreign friendly here, you will find – especially if you are an english speaking – everywhere translated signs, it has been all adapted to help tourists, so there's really nothing much to worry about…? Just come over and relax, and then enjoy yourself… they may be some things that they won't tell you because of some… Social decency they have, but just understand them and know about what to do and not to do. Otherwise you will be fine.

P :I see. Well, this is the end for today.Thank you Jacinta, hope to see you again in the cafe!

J: Yes, thank you!

Mickey House apparently appealed to her as a place to mingle with the locals and also other national people. She found many information via Mickey House, and indeed smiled all along the interview.

Sometimes a smile is worth a thousand words.

So what about you? Let us know your experience of Japan if you have ever traveled in Japan or are actually living in Japan right now. We would love hearing from you!

Mickey House will always be there as a hub to welcome you and make sure you get the information you need or your stay to be a memorable one.

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