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It is a familiar sagara at Mickey House. I am a Belgian. It's the beginning of 2018! We get a lot of questions from our customers, "How can I improve my English?" So I decided to answer those questions on my blog this year!
e? Is there a blog at Mickey House?

There was! ! The previous update was two years ago, but it's also! ! !

By the way, before writing the article, we have solicited a questionnaire about your concerns about English in advance.

Then, I got about 25 answers in just 2 days! !
Your serious feelings about English,I was impressed!

In order to eliminate the worries, I will write the tips for acquiring English in this blog little by little.


So first worries!

"I can't make long sentences in English"

Consultation to have very often these days. As content,

"I can't speak for a long time"
"When I speak, the sentences become shorter."
"When I speak, I get only one pattern of short sentences."
"I want to talk a little longer, but I'm wondering what to do"

Even if you have solidified the basics and can speak a minimum of English, you can not make a little longer sentence that you took one more step, or you can write a relatively long sentence when you write, but when you try to speak, your head becomes blank and the word I feel that there are many people who can't make long sentences without popping out.

・What is a "long sentence"?

First, let's consider what is a "long sentence". The longer the sentence becomes, the more difficult it becomes to understand when writing or speaking. It's the same in English and Japanese.
A useful "long" sentence is "Basic text"To"Necessary information"It is a sentence with only added. It is usually limited to one or two "information items".

For example,

・I lived in Nagoya.
・I lived 2 years ago in Nagoya, a big city in the middle of Japan. (Two years agoNagoyaIn a big city in central JapanI lived. )

・I like Tokyo.
I have to say I like Tokyo pretty much for its unique mixed Japanese and international atmosphere(Dare to say, I like the unique Japanese and Western atmosphere of Tokyo)

Focus on the story regardless of the text!

Also, it is one way to make some basic sentences without feeling limited to one sentence and drawing a story.

For example,

I go to Mickey House.

Instead of stopping with

In fact, I go there 3 times a week.The first time I went there was 2 years ago.I liked very much the friendly atmosphere and the interesting conversation I had.The owner is very friendly and easy to speak with too.

(Actually, I go three times a week. The first time I went there was two years ago. I really like the friendly space and interesting conversation. The owner is also friendly and very easy to talk to.)

The point is that each short sentence is not difficult to think about. Anyway, we recommend that you focus on telling the story.

What to do if the talk gets stuck

If you don't get much excitement even if you talk to yourself, or if the atmosphere becomes a scene, continue to ask questions to the other person.

What kind of question do you like? Pick one keyword from the story you were talking about and ask a question about it. In the example of "I go to Mickey House.",

What was the latest interesting conversation you had about in Mickey House?

Then the story will spread naturally.

→If you think "Oh, I don't have the material to talk about!", ask the other person a question!

The point is the number of times you speak

After that, practice the above method as much as possible every day. If you can't do it every day, I recommend you to use English more often. You will get results soon!

The desire to be able to speak long sentences is a proof that the level of English is on the verge of taking the next step. Sounds good! That's how it is!

Next timeHow to actually ask questions and spread the storyI will write Look forward to it☆


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