Mickey House Cafe: your true international helping hub in Tokyo

Welcome to the Mickey House, English Cafe!

Foreigners coming from and traveling all around the world: welcome to the English Conversation Cafe Mickey House !Probably the best melting pot in the whole Shinjuku district in Tokyo.

Friendly English conversation table at Mickey House

What is the English Cafe Mickey House?

This 35 year old cafe was first created as a friendly hub for Japanese who wanted to improve their English skills and international people to gather and learn English by talking to each other.
Today, the cafe expanded to an amazing total of 16 languages to practice by talking to people from all walks of life in those languages.

What can I do in such a cafe?

During the day, a cozy cafe!

Come on in and grab some coffee or tea and enjoy friendly English conversations.There are no time restrictions, customers move freely to any table an join all the different conversations.


Cozy Mickey House cafe during day time

Even beginners of English are highly welcome!

People of all levels of English will feel at home here.You will find beginners tables and intermediate/usual conversation tables.

Most of the regular customers level up from a beginner level to an intermediate level just by coming to Mickey House! And we thank them for their supportive comments and feedbacks.

Beginners also welcome at Mickey House Cafe!

At night, a chilling bar/cafe!

Chill out after work or after your studies having either some soft drinks or alcoholic beverages and meet up with different people from all parts of the world and all walks of life.All it takes for foreigners is to buy a drink at the bar, take a seat, and enjoy!

Chilling in Mickey House over some cocktails or soft drinks

Anything else?

Mickey House is also a real hub for foreigners visiting Japan or moving in for a longer period of time, starting a new life in Japan.Mickey House is always there for you to feel more comfortable in Japan whether during a short journey, or a longer stay by sharing tips and tricks and useful information.We strive to make Japan your second home!

We secured partnerships with many associations helping foreigners getting student or working visas and a place to stay.
We put emphasis on providing a place where Japanese and international people get together in a relaxed environment and a great opportunity to learn how to mingle in the complex Japanese society.Everybody makes new friends here, and we constantly get positive and grateful comments and feedbacks from our customers!

Is it fun?

Is this even a question?……… 😉

People from all walks of life, every country you can image of genuinely gather to Mickey House. Customers of all age ranges, come and have a good and fruitful time with us.
We throw each Friday night an English party and other unique events each month. Here are a some of the events organized by Mickey House cafe:

  • St Patrick's Day
  • Nepalese Dinner Party
  • Belgian Carnival
  • Chinese gathering
  • Pic-Nic under the cherry trees in the park (Spring event)
  • Christmas & New Year party (games and bingo with nice prizes)
  • Etc. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Several different fun events with Mickey House!

Feel free to have a look at our past events:

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Some of your friends might as well already know about Mickey House!


Mickey House Conversation Cafe

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You are already welcome!

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