You can enjoy conversations with people from a variety of countries!!

English conversation bar & cafe Mickey House has been in Takadanobaba, Tokyo for over 30 years. There are many customers from a variety of countries. Come meet our interesting and fun customers & staffs!
We have 16 kinds of language tables, you can enjoy conversation with Japanese craft berer, whisky, and Sake!

English cafe Mickey House You can meet with people from all over the world

What's a conversation bar?

English conversation cafe

English table
Here you can concentrate for conversation without caring about age, job, nationality. In a living room atmosphere, you will be able to have a relaxing talk about a variety of subjects, ranging from languages to social issues. You can enjoy talking in multi-languages and deepen your cultural understanding.

Other language tables

Other language tables
We also have other language tables. With the entrance fee, you can join to any language tables. (To join to beginner's table, 1900yen but 1500yen for students.)

Now we have a table for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese.
"Click here to see the schedule of each language

Price & System


Mon-Fri 1-5pm & 6-11pm
Sat 1-6pm & 6-11pm
Sun 1-6pm

(This is for English table. For other languages, check the schedule.)

Entrace fee


No time limit, All-you-can-drink hot coffee and tea!

※It's ok to order some drinks instead. (For the first drink, even if it's cheap, it will be 500yen.)

If you would like to join the Japanese table, +¥500 (Saturday 6pm-9pm)


Beer:¥500 ~
Cocktails:¥500 ~
Soft drinks:¥300 ~
Espresso drinks:¥400 ~

Our system is quite simple. Just pay the entrance fee or order 1 drink and you can stay until closing time.
We have variety of alcohols, professional espresso drinks!

Schedule of each languages

Night time (6-11pm)
Mon:English - German - Portuguese
Tue:English - French - Spanish - Italian - Russian
Wed:English - French - Hindi - Chinese
Thu:English - Swedish - Russian - Polish
Fri:English Party - French - German
Sat:English - Spanish - Italian - Thai - Indonesian - Japanese

Day time (Weekday1-5pm, Weekend1-6pm)
Mon(1pm-5pm): English
Tue(1pm-5pm): English
Wed(1pm-5pm): English
Thu(1pm-5pm): English
Fri(1pm-5pm): English
Sat(1pm-6pm): English - Chinese
Sun(1pm-6pm): English - Korean - Vietnamese

*Blue:7-11pm, Green:6-10pm, Red: 2-6pm

Schedule of beginner's tables

*To join in a beginner's table, you may pay the same price as Japanese customers. (1900yen for adults, 1500yen for students.) *Japanese table is just +500yen.

Sat:Spanish - Indonesian - Thai - Japanese

Sat(2pm-6pm): Chinese - French
Sun(2pm-6pm): Korean

*Blue:7-11pm, Green:6-10pm, Red: 2-6pm

Japanese Table

We also have a Japanese conversation table!
If you don't have enough chance to use Japanese, come on every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm!

[[ Japanese table ]]
Entrance fee ¥500 + one drink

Job offering

We need conversation staff sometimes!!
Native staff wanted. Please ask us if we need staff or not.

English - Everyday
French - Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
German - Thursday, Friday
Spanish - Tuesday, Saturday
Italian - Tuesday, Saturday
Russian - Tuesday, Thursday
Portuguese - Monday
Swedish - Monday
Thai - Saturday

Description: Conversation staff
Once a week, 4 or 5 hours a day
Tel:03-3209-9686 (Yuta)

Guest House Information

Room share is the cheapest way to stay in Tokyo! Let's find a share house or guest house!
Here is the information for our 2 houses!

Casa KS Takadanobaba

Casa KS
City: Shinjuku
Station: Takadanobaba (8 min.)
Type: Private room (or sharing)
Price: 40,000 yen~ per month
Detail information

Tokyo Naiki House Shin-Okubo

Chuo Mansion Okubo
City: Shinjuku
Station 1: Shin-Okubo (7 min.)
Station 2: Nishi-Waseda (5 min.)
Type: Shared room (2~3 people)
Price: 35,000 yen~ per month
Detail information

Access & MAP

English conversation cafe Mickey House is along Waseda street but it's a bit difficult to find because it's 4th floor of the building. There is a yellow sign with "English cafe" written on the side of the building.

JR Yamanote-line, Takadanobaba sta.
4 minutes from Waseda exit.
Tokyo metro Tozai-line, Takadanobaba sta.
10 seconds from exit #6

2-14-4-4F, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3209-9686
OPEN (Mon-Sat)6pm to 11pm
(Sat,Sun)2pm to 6pm

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