English conversation cafe Mickey House Chiba Kashiwa store!

From April 2nd, we are opening a store at Marui Kashiwa store in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture for a limited time! I had no idea what it would look like when I received an invitation from Marui, but when I actually opened it...

Fashionable than the main store in Takadanobaba

Teyuu...;`;;:;;((゜); ж;゜;)

Please provide various accessories,

Swing (cannot be played by riding)

Bicycle (not available in Marui store)

Speaker with DJ effect (song requests are not accepted)

And it's a mystery why it's here, but I'm glad if there were any! (I wonder if I can take it home after the event...)

There are still a small number of customers, so you can fully enjoy the conversation in English using the large space!

Maybe there's only two people on the swing...


Is it impossible? .. .. Shall we ask Marui ('艸`)


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